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Mars vs Venus

We still have stereotypes in society about what drinks men should drink and what women should drink. It’s commonly known that women drink wine and not whiskey, and that men drink whiskey and not wine. It’s funny to see how people react when you tell them your drink of choice and it’s not the stereotype that associated with your gender. ⠀

Medium is the Message

I remember going to the movies as a kid and having the red and blue 3D glasses and how cool the movies would look because it felt like you were there. Well often with photography an image can look 3D or look flat and 2D. I though why not take a memory from my child hood and my passion for photography in 1 image and make a 3D image. If you by chance have red and blue 3D glasses laying around throw them in and take a look at this photo! 

Tone on Tone

“Reading gives you some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” ~ Mason Cooley ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀


Books have been something I’ve really developed a love for in the last few years. Growing up I would always say why read a book when you can watch the movie instead. Now I will watch a movie and if I like it I will go read the book and compare them together. I know a lot of people that will read the book first then go watch the movie. So I wonder how many people are like me, watch the movie first then go read the book. 

4 Themes

We all have lied to someone in our lifetime, whether it was to keep a secret or to help make someone’s day better. A lot can happen with just one lie, a relationship can be ruined, or it can be formed. With the power of a lie you have the option to either bring someone sorrow or prolong their happiness. As humans, it takes some of us a while to open our book and be honest, it takes time to unscrew that lid that we have hold tightly shut. We can form relationships out of lies and at the same time we can ruin them with honesty. So, which would you chose, honesty or lies? 


Never judge a book by its cover. That is a sentence we grew up hearing, and a sentence that we say to ourselves still. Yet to this day we still judge people based on their appearance. We pull our children and ourselves away from the people who look wrong, rebellious, improper, and disorderly. We push ourselves and our children towards people who look correct, conventional, proper, and orderly. All because we judge a book by its cover.

We all mature at a different rate and it is what happens in our lives that control it. Whether you had a rough upbringing, or you experienced things in your life before someone else. We can take a trip of a lifetime that has changed the way we view the world and our life. Learning more about part of your family that you never knew growing up can mature you in a way you never knew. 


When we love deep enough we often sacrifice something for it. Whether it’s leaving home to move across the country for your dream job or staying up all night because you’re talking to that one person. We can put our lives on the line for the love of our country and for the safety of the families who live in it.

Recreating an Artist

I remember learning about famous artists back in elementary school and seeing Van Gogh's The Starry Night. Growing up I never really appreciated his work, I knew it was good but I never thought of the technique that went into his paintings. I didn't fully understand how amazing his work is till I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and saw his work for myself. Seeing his work in person and seeing the detail in each stroke was very memorizing to see, to see the highlights and shadows in them. As I walked through the museum it was interesting to see what inspired him and how he grew throughout his journey. It was interesting to see how he was inspired by Asian art work and would recreate the images with his own style. It was interesting to see how his work reflected a period of time in his life, from when he was mailing letters to his brother to discovering new things. Once I saw his artwork in person I was able to get a better understanding and appreciate his work a lot more then what I could have done before.


With the images I chose to recreate I thought to show his different paintings, you obviously have one of his famous self portraits and then you have his still life painting of apples and potatoes. It's interesting to see how his painting vary from landscapes to still life to portraits of people. Van Gogh was an interesting person and I believe you can see that throughout his art work.

Humans vs. Technology

As technology develops and is used more frequently in everyday lives, its easy to see how we start to program ourselves with technology. Ever since we started to use computers and technology more frequently as humans we started to rely on them, with reminding us of birthdays, to knowing what going on in other parts of the world. Almost every person in the world has some type of technology on them, either being a phone or a watch. We now use robots in factories to put together machines taking away jobs from humans, We have computer programs that can read another computer telling us what it wrong with it. It is part of the younger generation lives, who always have some form of technology within reaching distance. With how much we can access through technology and the internet it isn't hard for us to just program ourselves with technology.


I wanted to show how technology is part of the human life by having old technology be part of a human, with stating that even how far technology has advanced, technology started to take our our lives long ago. With how numb our minds can be to the use of technology I wanted to show this by having a static or black TV screen. We use technology to recharge ourselves by taking a break from work and looking at our phones, to portray this I used a portable battery pack and connected it to the human.


As humans we are starting to become robots slowly, we've programmed ourselves to our everyday routine just as computer have been programmed.

The Wind & The Dress